Therapeutic Relaxation          $90 - $135

Light to medium pressure and smooth rhythmic movements make this massage incredibly relaxing and healng.

Deep Tissue/Sports           $100 - $145

A Firm massage which aims to release very tight muscles and postural imbalances. May include various stretches, and trigger point work. Great for moderate to intense chronic pain from injury or overuse.

Hot Stone          Add $10 to service

Heated stones are used to soothe aches, release tightness and provide a deeply calming heat to the body. Generally used in combination with Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques.

Prenatal Massage $90

Mothers and babies both receive many benefits of massage. Reduced stress, relaxation, and relief for sore muscles and joints.

Green Goodness

NEW!!  CBD OIL Massage!    add $15 to any service

Experience the healing powers of plants 

with Organic 100% Pure CBD oil. Incredible benefits including reducing inflammation and pain, restoring mental peace, and boosting your immune system.

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